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Submitted by DavidWommer on Sun, 2022-01-30 09:01
Saturday, Jan 22, 2022 - 02:00am to Saturday, Jan 22, 2022 - 04:00am
Amelia Island


How often do you get to have breakfast on an exclusive resort on an island overlooking the Atlantic Ocean? We did just that in January! We had dozens of members join us, in a dining room reserved just for us, overlooking scenic sands and surf!


We dined at Sunrise Café, located at OMNI Amelia Island Resort. We met some new members and reconnected with some members who have been with us for a few decades, while enjoying a delightful selection of breakfast stations offering delectable morsels, made to order omelets, fresh squeezed orange juice, and an array of fresh seafood, bagels, and capers!


Thank you very much to Section Vice President Gary Keener, who made the arrangements for us as we quickly outgrew our initial breakfast spot due to the overwhelming response! We also very much appreciate the assistance of Chrystal Opheim, Sunrise Café Manager for working with us and providing us excellent service with her team of attentive team members, it was a delight, and we cannot wait to return!


Which Mercedes-Benz will you share at the next public event Caffeine and Octane Jacksonville on February 12, 2022:

Caffeine & Octane Jacksonville @caffeineandoctanejax  

The Avenues Mall, 10300 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32256  


For a full-size parking map, please click this link:


 No official registration is needed, although we would appreciate a quick message if you would like to attend. In February, we will aim for the Central Lot, for those who can stay in that lot from 8am-11am, as it is restricted entry and departure area for pedestrian safety. If you are unable to remain for that time frame, consider parking in the Exhibit Lot to visit the event, come say hi to us, and depart as you need to.


If you need any more maps, or guidance, please email us, and we will provide you with resources!

You may view prior Caffeine & Octane Jacksonville event photos from the official photographer here:


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For additional information or questions,

please email: [email protected]

or Section President: David Wommer via [email protected].