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Automotive luxury experienced in a completely new way

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class
The main points at a glance

Added value for customers: the ten most important innovations

The S-Class exemplifies the allure of Mercedes-Benz, combined with the legendary and traditional engineering expertise that defines the luxury segment in the automobile industry. The new S-Class can be experienced with your senses – seeing, feeling, hearing and smelling – while offering numerous innovations in the areas of driver assistance, protection and interaction. Mercedes-Benz is shaping the next generation of individual mobility for our times with innovations that focus on people. The new S-Class utilizes digitization to create a car that responds empathetically to the needs and wishes of its driver and passengers. The mind-map below provides an overview:

The ten most important new features:

The second generation of MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) debuts in the new S-Class. Setting another milestone as the interface between the driver, passengers and vehicle: with up to five screens on board, some with OLED technology. At the touch of a button, the new 3D driver display, for the first time, allows spatial perception of the surroundings with a real 3D effect thanks to eye-tracking. A similarly impressive feature is the very large head-up display with augmented reality content. When navigating, for example, animated turn-off arrows ("fishbones") are virtually and precisely projected onto the road lane.

The active ambient lighting with around 250 LEDs is now integrated into the driving assistance systems, and is able to reinforce warnings visually. In addition, feedback is possible when operating the climate control system or the 'Hey Mercedes' voice assistant, for instance.

The latest generation of the Driving Assistance Package has new and numerous improved functions. One example is predictive compliance with speed limits. The new driver assistance display clearly shows the operating principle of the driving assistance systems as a full-screen view.

During severe frontal collisions, the optional rear airbag can considerably reduce the impact on the head and neck area of the seat-belt-wearing occupants in the outer rear seats. The frontal airbag for the rear seat deploys particularly gently thanks to its innovative construction using a tubular structure.

Thanks to rear-axle steering (optional), the S-Class is as maneuverable as a compact car in the city. The steering angle at the rear axle is up to ten degrees. Even for the S-Class with a long wheelbase and all-wheel drive, the turning circle is reduced by 6 feet to under 36 feet.

More than 50 electronic components in the new S-Class can be updated with new software over-the-air (OTA). These include the entire MBUX infotainment system, the driver display and the driving assistance systems. This technology saves the customer time, as they no longer need to visit a dealership for these updates. Furthermore, the vehicle remains up to date throughout its lifecycle and is equipped to incorporate new features. The explicit consent of the user is always a precondition for OTA updates.

When a side impact with another vehicle is impending, the vehicle body can be raised by the E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension (optionally available next year) within a few tenths of a second. This is a new function of PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side: It can reduce the impact on the occupants because it directs the impact forces towards particularly resistant structures in the lower area of the vehicle

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The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Key facts at a glance

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The turning circle is reduced by up to 6.2 feet with rear-axle steering compared to a model without it. The maxim....