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Even more dynamic and efficient: The new E-Class with 48-volt technology and ISG

– Stuttgart

Thanks to EQ Boost, the new models in the E-Class family offer even more driving dynamics with significantly lower fuel consumption. The inline six-cylinder gasoline engine (M 256), available for the first time in the Mercedes-Benz E 450 models, features an integrated starter-generator (ISG) and 48-volt technology. At the heart of the new Mercedes-AMG E 53 models is the electrified AMG-enhanced 3.0L inline gasoline engine with EQ Boost and intelligent forced induction. The integrated starter-generator provides additional power for a short time from the first revolution – thanks to EQ boost.

In line with a variety of customer needs, Mercedes-Benz pursues a three-pronged technology approach to sustainable mobility: EQ Boost (electrified combustion engines), EQ Power (plug-in hybrid drive) and EQ (purely battery electric drive). The new global family of four- and six-cylinder gasoline engines is modular in design and consistently geared towards electrification – the Family of Modular Engines (FAME). Its core features are a uniform cylinder spacing of 90 millimeters and identical interfaces to the vehicle. The basic engines can be combined with both ISG and hybrid drivetrains. By scaling the latest technologies and electrification options from 12-volt to 48-volt and even high-voltage plug-in applications, a suitable drive can be incorporated for every vehicle. This unique approach also allows for flexible production.

Every Mercedes-Benz with ISG is a mild hybrid

In 2017, Mercedes-Benz was the first automaker to use the integrated starter-generator in series production vehicles. The unit combines the starter and generator in one powerful electric machine, which is located between the combustion engine and the transmission. Combined with the 48-volt vehicle electrical system, this EQ Boost technology enables fuel savings and CO2 reductions that previously could only be achieved with high-voltage hybrid technology. These include the typical “recuperate,” “boost” and “sail” hybrid functions. Because the ISG can also shift the load points, the combustion engine also always operates in a favorable mapping. Thus, every Mercedes with ISG becomes a mild hybrid. An additional advantage of the 48-volt vehicle electrical system: increased comfort. This is because the starter-generator brings the combustion engine quickly and smoothly to idling speed, making the starting process even smoother, while the restart from coasting operation is barely noticeable.

The inline six-cylinder M 256 engine with ISG is also available for the first time in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class models. The additional electrical power of up to 21 hp and 184 lb-ft further enhances the sporty character of the Coupe and Cabriolet.

AMG-typical high performance: AMG enhanced 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine with EQ boost

Performance at a sports-car level is guaranteed thanks to the electrified AMG enhanced 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine, featuring the EQ boost starter-generator and intelligent forced induction. In the Mercedes-AMG E 53 models, the power plant delivers 429 hp and provides a maximum torque of 384 lb-ft. The starter-generator also briefly supplies up to an additional 21 hp of output and up to 184 lb-ft of torque. The electric auxiliary compressor helps minimize turbo lag, which would normally occur with a large exhaust-gas turbocharger, and thus helps improve acceleration time. Thanks to its support, the electric auxiliary compressor builds up high boost pressure when starting without deceleration, which causes torque for acceleration to rise faster until the large exhaust gas turbocharger kicks in. As a result, the AMG six-cylinder engine offers an extremely quick and highly dynamic response without turbo lag. All of these features support one purpose: to enhance the performance and driving dynamics typical of AMG while at the same time reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

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