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Submitted by MTI on Wed, 2022-07-13 03:07
Friday, Sep 30, 2022 - 05:30pm
Best Western Copper Hills
565 E South Street
Debbie Ichiyama
‭(480) 268-9535‬ Home

Mark your Calendar NOW for Havasupai ‘22


We’ve all heard of Arizona’s “5 Cs”, the cornerstones of the State’s economic development over the past 100 years.  And now one of these – Copper – is the theme for Havasupai ’22, to be held September 30 - October 2 in the heart of Arizona’s copper mining region.  


Veteran rallyemasters Chuck and Ava Stanford have promised the usual – and some new twists as well – sure to make for an exciting and memorable weekend.  You’ll be driving Arizona’s picturesque scenery and winding roads, while observing sites and scenes of unimagined scale and investment, and maybe even finding some of your own treasure along the way!


We’ll start on Friday nite at the Best Western Copper Hills Inn in Globe (sorry, the Ritz Carlton was booked…)  Following a short, scenic drive from the Valley, you’ll check in, and then take a stroll across the street for some wine tasting and live music, tasty snacks, and fun hospitality.  Saturday morning following a hearty breakfast, we’ll hit the road for local history, observation, and basic information about the fascinating process of extracting and treating the shiny metal that comprises 50 pounds of your car (165 pounds if you’re driving electric), nearly 450 pounds of the average home, and 12% by weight of your cellphone!  We’ll see mining towns that have thrived in the ups and downs of this complex and cyclical business – and some that haven’t fared as well… Along the way, you’ll also enjoy some great food, fun drives, and yes, probably a few “miner’s words” directed at the rallyemasters.

Saturday nite we’ll celebrate our driving accomplishments and “mining” success with dinner and an auction!  There’ll be prizes for all, but with a surprise! And of course, we’ll award traditional Kachinas for those whose mileage, observation and puzzle skills best match the rallyemasters.


You won’t want to miss this unique weekend – bargain priced at only $549 per couple for the entire weekend.  This all-inclusive amount covers hotel, all your meals and prizes, in fact, everything but your alcohol and fuel – which by the way is about 50 cents a gallon less in Globe-Miami than in the Valley.  Fill out the form on page 5 of the Stardust Newsletter and return it to Debbie Ichiyama.  We’ll look forward to seeing you in mining country – no pick and shovel needed !