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MBCA Southern Stars Cars & Coffee March 2021

MBCA Southern Stars Cars & Coffee March 2021

Southern Stars
Saturday, March 13, 2021 - 8:00am


Happy 58th birthday to the W113 SL “Pagoda”! We celebrated in style, on March 13th, of course!


            MBCA Southern Stars Section & Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park co-hosted a Mercedes-Benz Cars & Coffee, celebrating the 58th anniversary of the Pagoda, introduced at the Geneva Motor Show on March 14, 1963!


            Not only did the Mercedes W113 Pagoda turn 58 the weekend we had the Cars and Coffee, our VIP (Very Important Pagoda), turns 50 this year! Member Carlos Malpartida shared his stunning 1971 Anthracite Gray W113 to an adoring crowd. We are convinced everyone in the dealership came out to get a glimpse of this beauty! It’s all about sharing our passion, knowledge and appreciation of these well-engineered Mercedes!


            Several younger Mercedes SL’s joined us to celebrate! Brand new member (of two days), Rob Kluba shared his Iridium Silver Metallic AMG SL65 with us. It was our only V12 that day! Member Gene Gorman shared his ultra-low-mileage Obsidian Black Metallic AMG SL55. Section VP Dave Wommer shared his Iridium Silver Metallic AMG SL63, Rob Schlessinger shared his 2005 Diamond Silver SL500, and Jeff Rotatori shared his Brilliant Silver Metallic 1998 SL500.


          Southern Stars Section brought a couple dozen donuts, and Orange Park Mercedes-Benz provided the coffee and beverages for our guests. Members and customers chatted with owners, sharing some history and tech tips! Members and guests were happy to enjoy camaraderie, on a beautiful Florida Winter morning with temps in the low 70’s! We spoke of our next Drive & Dine event being held in Amelia Island & Fernandina Beach region and shared some cake to celebrate Treasurer Jackie Keener’s birthday!


            The remaining stars of the Cars & Coffee included a green 1995 E320 Cabriolet shared by Sheldon & Gail Hofferman to help us celebrate St. Patrick’s Day weekend! A 2011 E550 sedan shared by Paul Eckbreth (the only non-roadster in his collection), a gorgeous 2012 Black E350 Sedan shared by Cory McRea, (also the only non-roadster Mercedes in his collection!) a pristine 2006 E320 CDI shared by Mark Cummins (the only sedan in his household's Mercedes collection)! It was a very special weekend all around!


            President Chase Jackson shared his E550 Cabriolet, Treasurer Jackie Keener shared her GLC300, and Secretary Mary Ann Baugh shared her GLK350. Both of the SUV’s were filled to the brim with literature, donuts, the section tent, table, several chairs, our MBCA banner, and our new member recruitment display!


            Our new Membership Director Gary Keener designed and commissioned the printing of a spectacular display that features QR codes for touchless interactions, using local resources and printing facilities. Gary also constructed a double-sided display stand, featuring a translucent display pocket to hold MBCA brochures. The display showcases local club member cars, as well as our “Drive & Dine” and “Cars & Coffee” event.


            We’ve had the opportunity to work with the new General Manager of Mercedes-Benz of Orange Park, Moe Ghanimah, and over the course of a couple of a couple months, developed goals and discussed specifics to arrive at a fantastic final product! The first display is now in the customer delivery area to allow vehicle owners and lessees to learn about the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, networking with local enthusiasts, and reaping the many benefits of MBCA membership!


Our next Cars & Coffee will be on April 10th, 2021 from 8 AM to 10:30 AM,

(The weekend AFTER Easter!)


First 15 photos shared by Section VP, Dave Wommer.

Last 3 photos shared by Section Secretary, Mary Ann Baugh.


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