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Southern Stars

Southern Stars Section February 2021 Rally to Tally Drive & Dine (Tallahassee Automobile Museum)

Southern Stars Section February 2021 Rally to Tally Drive & Dine (Tallahassee Automobile Museum)

Southern Stars
Saturday, February 27, 2021 - 7:15pm
Jacksonville to Tallahassee


In February, Southern Stars Section hosted a “Rally to Tally” Drive & Dine!

         On February 27, 2021, we met up with nearly two dozen Southern Stars Section members and guests at our rendezvous point in Jacksonville, FL, before we grabbed some coffee and started our adventures! We began our caravan over I-10 West to Highway 129 North and met a couple more Mercedes-Benz Club of America members from our neighboring Tampa Bay Section, before continuing over to Highway 90 West and into Tallahassee!

         We then enjoyed lunch at Backwoods Crossing -,  a farm to table restaurant where everything (except the fish from the ocean of course!) is grown on site! We look forward to our next visit, as we all enjoyed a delectable variety of freshly sourced and prepared foods and raved about the quality and taste!
         We then ventured to the other side of Mahan Drive, and arrived at the Tallahassee Automotive Museum -, which is in excess of 100,000 square feet filed to the brim with over 160 vehicles, including the 1860 horse drawn hearse reported to have carried President Lincoln. There is also an 1894 Duryea, one of the first automobiles manufactured in the United States!

         This incredible collection features the actual Batmobiles used on set in the movies Batman Forever and Batman Returns! The Tallahassee Automotive Museum is also home to couple of Ford GT40s, and the #5 Tucker 48, the very one featured in the 1988 Francis Ford Copula film  “Tucker: The Man and his Dream”,  and a Duesenberg Model J. What a sight! We will definitely be back!

         The museum also showcases many other types of collectible collections, such as knives, radios, outboard motors, Florida fishing lures, Native American artifacts, and antique golf collections! If you go, give yourself at least 2-3 hours to explore!

         We had a couple dozen MBCA members join us for the drive, and our longest-distance driving member drove their gorgeous 1995 blue on white E320 Cabriolet a couple hours away to join us! We had three R107’s SL’s join us, and a couple of newer SL and SLK roadsters joined our Rally to Tally! We had cabriolets, roadsters, four-door coupes, two-door coupes, and SUV's! We had not one, but two AMG C63 Edition 507 coupes on the drive! Something for everyone to enjoy! Everyone shared stories and  enjoyed some laughs and tech tips! New friendships and memberships were formed, and a great time was had by all!

         We look forward to more of these Drive & Dine events, it's always a fantastic adventure! We send a hearty THANK YOU to Treasurer Jackie Keener for leading the charge of this fantastic event!


          Our next public event will be a Cars & Coffee, on March 13th, 2021 from 8 AM to 10:30 AM, at the Mercedes Benz Orange Park (The one on Blanding Blvd).

         Our next Drive & Dine member event will happen on March 20th, 2021, as we'll drive through historic Amelia Island, then dine on the waterfront, overlooking the Fernandina Harbor and Marina! MBCA Southern Stars members, check your email for upcoming Evite initiations a couple of weeks prior for all of the details!


The first 11 photos were taken by Section VP, Dave Wommer.

The Tallahassee Automitve Museum outdoor group photo was shared by Membership Director, Gary Keener.

The Backwoods Crossing dining experience photos were shared by Member Bill Cirmo.


Thank you Gary and Bill very much for the shared photos!


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