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Year-round open-air driving fun in the E-Class Cabriolet

Open the top – even with cool outside temperatures! With standard-equipped AIRCAP® and AIRSCARF® systems, open-top driving in the E-Class Cabriolet is a true year-round pleasure. The electrically adjustable AIRCAP® wind-deflector system slows down the flow of cold air into the interior and the AIRSCARF® neck-level heater warms the neck like an invisible scarf.

AIRCAP®   consists of two elements: a wind deflector that can be extended by around 2.4 inches (6 cm) at the touch of a button, with a mesh on the upper frame of the windscreen, and an automatic wind deflector between the head restraints in the rear. The deflector directs the wind flow over the heads of the occupants, while the bulkhead keeps the air vortices occurring in the area behind the rear seats away from the interior. In the passenger compartment, which is thus free of turbulence, the heating air forms a so-called warm air lake. Open-air driving can thus be enjoyed even in the cold of winter. Conversely, on particularly hot summer days, air conditioning and AIRCAP®   can be used to create a pleasantly cool interior – an added value for the entire year.

Protected from the wind at all four seats

The wind deflector between the headrests of the rear passengers is automatically extended as soon as a passenger takes a seat in the rear and fastens the seat belt. The head restraints and wind deflector then move into the highest position. This means that the passengers in the second row are also significantly more protected from the wind than in convertibles without wind deflectors. When AIRCAP®   is activated, the reduced draft also lowers the noise level considerably, allowing passengers in all seats to converse much easier. Further advantages over conventional angular wind deflectors is that there is no need for complicated installation, the rear seats remain free and the sideline of the cabriolet is not disturbed. The AIRCAP®   system can be extended up to a speed of 100 mph and used up to the vehicle’s top speed.

The intelligent scarf

The AIRSCARF®   neck-level heater further enhances the comfortable climate in the E-Class Cabriolet. The patented system works like an invisible scarf that warms the necks of the driver and front passenger. AIRSCARF®   is integrated into the backrests of the front seats and blows warm air from air nozzles in the head restraints. Particularly convenient: the nozzles can be swiveled up and down a total of 36 degrees, allowing passengers of all heights to enjoy the neck heating. AIRSCARF®   is based on intelligent computer technology: up to a speed of 75 mph, a control unit automatically calculates the best possible distribution of warm air – depending on the inside and outside temperatures, whether the soft top is closed or open and the driving speed. Above this speed, the system works with a constant setting.

The standard acoustic fabric soft top also contributes to unrestricted year-round suitability. Its multi-layer structure with complex insulation ensures excellent climate comfort in all seasons. It also reduces wind and driving noise particularly effectively. Within 20 seconds, the soft top can be opened and closed fully automatically – even while driving up to a speed of 30 mph.

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